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We are an established British company, who specialise in the retailing of top quality electronic cigarettes.

Our customer base began mainly here in the UK, however word travels fast around the globe and our customers are growing internationally with valued customers throughout France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy & Romania.

Primarily we are an online retailer (www.rokuniversal.co.uk) although we are experiencing rapidly increasing growth delivered from the retail sector & online gift houses.

Since we started trading our business has grown on average double digits month on month not only through the growing popularity of Electronic Cigarettes but from the quality of our product and the personal recommendations our customers pass onto friends, family and work associates.

ROK is a nicotine delivery system that mimics cigarettes, it satisfies the psychological ritual and routines that surround smoking and does not contain tobacco or involve any form of combustion.

ROK is not marketed as a smoking cessation product; it is simply a balanced alternative to smoking cigarettes and goes a long way towards tobacco harm reduction.

The Brand we have built is called:

ROK Universal

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